Registered Jerseys

We are proud to be the country's leading Jersey herd for milk, protein and cheese yield production, a position we have held for the past three years. Our team has worked hard to achieve this feat -- one we set our eyes on about eight years ago. The 2020 herd average on an actual basis is 25,077 lbs. milk, 1,173 lbs. fat, and 931 lbs. protein, with a cheese yield equivalent of 3,125 lbs.

We milk 210 cows using four Lely robots and house them in freestall barns. The herd is enrolled on the American Jersey Cattle Association's REAP program, which provides permanent identification, type appraisals (conformation) and performance information for the herd. We also genotype the entire herd and rank among the top 25% of REAP herds for genetic merit with a herd average Jersey Performance Index of +19 (April 2021).

We always have for sale bulls, cows and heifers from our leading cow families. Contact us by email to inquire what Cinnamon Ridge genetics are available to help you improve your herd.

A Few of Our Current Favorites


Cinnamon Ridge Method Bulgaria

Very Good-83%
2-10 305 25,780 6.3% 1,613 4.7% 1,209
(mature equivalent: 30,002M - 1,828F - 1,380P)

BULGARIA is the winner of the 2021 President's Trophy. This award is given each year by the American Jersey Cattle Association to the cow that produces the highest protein record (based on mature equivalent production). She is in the donor dam program at Cinnamon Ridge Jerseys and has 34 registered progeny to date.

She is out of Hilmar Magnum 43054, a cow Kara purchased at the 2014 Pot O'Gold Sale.


Cinnamon Ridge Snapdragon Reagan

Very Good-80%
2-9 305 2x 30,210 4.6% 1,377 3.3% 992 3,425CY
3-10 305 2x 30,710 4.1% 1,271 3.4% 1,030 3,458CY
5-0 305 2x 40,476 7.9% 3,202 3.0% 1,214

REAGAN is the Butter Queen at Cinnamon Ridge. She has Cinnamon Ridge breeding on the top and bottom sides of her pedigree. She is sired by 14JE661 Cinnamon Ridge Snapdragon and out of a KWARTZ daughter with four lactations over 20,000M.


Cinnamon Ridge Plus Partridge {6}

3-0 305 2x 30,230 4.4%, 1,318 4.0% 1,197 3,776CY
4-3 305 2x 34,500 5.0% 1,736 4.0% 1,372 4,685CY
President's Trophy and Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy Winner, 2018

PARTRIDGE is one of our all-time favorite cows. She won the President's Trophy for protein production and the Hilmar Cheese Yield Trophy for actual cheese yield production in 2018. She has several descendants in the herd today.


Cinnamon Ridge Nitro Noble-ET

4-3 305 2x 34,600 3.9% 1,360 3.6% 1,232 3,886CY
5-3 305 3x 39,160 3.1% 1,205 3.4% 1,317 3,757CY

NOBLE produced the Jersey breed's top 305-day milk record and the third high protein record for 2020. A stellar performer year-in, year-out, she also made the fourth-high milk and protein record in the country last year.

She is from one of the strongest cow families at Cinnamon Ridge, tracing to one of Amy's foundation animals, Woodstock Hallmark Louisa, purchased in the 2002 Pot O'Gold Sale from Woodstock Dairy.

NOBLE'S dam, Cinnamon Ridge Visionary Virtue-ET, and her maternal sister, Cinnamon Ridge Dimension Blessed-ET, have both produced records over 31,500 lbs. milk. Their dam, Cinnamon Ridge Artis Praise, earned several high rankings in the National Jersey Youth Production Contest over the years.


Cinnamon Ridge Score Hollyhock

Very Good-88%
5-4 305 2x 33,170 4.4% 1,463 3.5% 1,163
6-7 305 3x 31,620 4.3% 1,363 3.3% 1,0561

HOLLYHOCK is from our Flower cow family. Her grandam, Cinnamon Ridge Rasmus Lily, won the 2011 National Jersey Youth Production Contest for Kara.

Other members of the family include BUTTERCUP, with more than 32,700 lbs. milk at 3-10, and LADYSLIPPER, with a projected ME of more than 43,000 at 3-11. Also from this maternal line is SNAPDRAGON.


JX Clemson Lemonhead 330 604 {6}

Very Good-86%
4-00 305 3x 29,180 5.5% 1,616 4.1% 1,182
Owned by Jacob Tatko

CLEMSON won the 2018 National Jersey Youth Production Contest and the 2019 Pot O'Gold Production Contest with a first lactation of 22,080 lbs. milk, 1,702 lbs. fat and 890 lbs. protein. Jacob's grandmother, Marjorie Klein, is a sister to herd owners John and Edwin Maxwell. He spends summers working on the farm and showing animals at the county and state fairs.